Company Name Company Description
Brainy Moves Exercise is known to improve health and mood. Do you know that exercise can improve our cognitive functions and learning?
Busy Bees Singapore Pte Ltd Learning Vision's niche is in developing high-quality infant care and preschool environments for employers and their employees' families. Our commitment to service excellence has made us the preferred partner of choice for government ministries, tertiary institutions, hospitals and private corporations.
Flying Cape  
Fortitudo SG Join us in our mini workshops (15minutes duration each) to boost your attention, social skills and emotion regulation for SUCCESS!
GPC Singapore Pte Ltd Japan's No.1 Robot School is here! We offer a complete robotics education programme for children (4~12 yo) to build and DIY their personalised unique robots.
Human Academy Robot School (GPC) Japan's No.1 Robot School is here! We offer a complete robotics education programme for children (4~12 yo) to build and DIY their personalised unique robots.
Infohost Pte Ltd
Kodecoon LLP Kodecoon was founded on the mission to expose children to the world of computer programming. In today’s digital world, programming language is the new literacy. We want every child we teach to have fun with coding and learn to be creators and change makers, rather than passive consumers of technology.
Kokoro Piano Studio Nurturing & Educating young ones through music & the Kokoro way!
Learning Discoveries Pte Ltd Parents, witness your child SCORE 100% in 10 Minutes with 1 Power Study Technique
Medimex Singapore Pte Ltd  
Muzart Learning Centre As young minds absorb knowledge faster, MuzArt aims to develop their eager natures through creative, intellectual, psychological, and aesthetic aspects, in addition to strengthening their artistic principles and values.
Penpal Whizz (Aquila)  
Robotry Co. Ltd  
SuperBrain™ At SuperBrain™, we empower your child’s brain for accelerated success through brain technology and training. We empower students with the skillsets to process information for efficient learning.
Smiley Education Centre More than just academic success: Smiley Education prides itself in being able to holistically enrich children. Children thrive in their engaging classes that are filled with fun activities and interactive learning experience.
Speech Academy Asia Pte Ltd  
The Logic Coders At The Logic Coders, students are placed in a fun, dynamic environment, where they learn coding logic through real-world experiences. Lessons are filled with activities to help students understand coding concepts intuitively.
The Music Scientist Pte Ltd The Music Scientist revolutionises the way Music is learnt! They supplement Music with intriguing Science concepts. And strengthens the children's mastery of both Music and Science
The New Luncher Pte Ltd  
UCMHP Edu Centre Pte Ltd UCMHP Edu Centre methodology is a Singapore’s brand using 12,000 datas research over the last 10 years. Our 21st Century, Ground-breaking, proprietary UCM Human Profiling Methodology aims to identify, regulate and manage children’s IQ, EQ’s strengths and weaknesses so that children can excel remarkable both in academic and career pathways.
Write2Win Write2Win provides solutions to Parents (Kids Progam), Individuals (Handwriting Analysis, Learning through Certification Courses & Signature Makeover), Corporates (Candidate Profiling), Adults Counselling, Couple Compatibility
YMCA YLC uses innovative learning strategies to coach our students to prepare them for their examinations. We engage qualified trainers in our commitment to our students to ensure quality assurance.